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Today’s technology makes everyone almost wired and virtually educated. At present, majority of the population – consumers in particular, has the ability to access almost everything thru the massive usage of the internet. Hence, shifting the name of the game as far as brand and product positioning is concerned, to the present demand of becoming global.

Unless the brand is a monopoly, every product or company has a competition. The consumer evaluates brands within a competitive set, in which all brands in some points had shared characteristics. Brands today must have global presence and identity. Else, they will be wiped out in the competition especially in this present times of total transparency and accessibility – be it virtual or physical, wherein one single slip up can go worldwide thru the social media.

Marketing and brand experts should take advantage the advent of internet technology by crafting creatives to position their brands and products globally making it accessible and reachable by their target world wide consumers. They should establish their global identity by securing the domain name that best describe and define their company, product, or the brand itself. A domain name – that defines their realm of administrative identity and autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Without which, most of the marketing and advertising efforts would not be cost efficient but very costly, instead.

Thousands of entrepreneurs, creative directors, web developers, and even the top global companies agree that having the perfect domain name that represent their presence on the web is very critical and vital for their business.

Listed herein are some of the well-known companies who secured domain names that best described their company’s product or brands.

•Barnes and Noble – Books.com
•Bayer – Aspirin.com
•Calvin Klein Underwear – Bras.com
•Citibank – StudentLoan.com
•CityBreak – Visit.com
•CNET – News.com Computers.com
•CNN – Money.com
•CondeNast Publications – Gourmet.com
•Country Buffet – Buffet.com
•Diago – Malts.com Rum.com
•Enterprise – RentalCar.com
•Foxy Fresh Vegetables – Salads.com
•Honda – Motorcycles.com Scooters.com
•Intel – Chips.com
•Johnson and Johnson – Baby.com
•K-Swiss – TennisShoes.com
•Kraft – CreamCheese.com
•Mannington – Floors.com
•MasterCard – Priceless.com
•Monster – Jobs.com
•National Pen Company – Pens.com
•Nestle – Meals.com
•Office Depot – OfficeSupplies.com
•Otis Elevators – Lift.com
•PetSmart – Pets.com
•Procter and Gamble – Toothpaste.com
•Puritan’s Pride – Vitamins.com
•Rocky Mountain Bicycles – Bikes.com
•Sunglass Hut – Shades.com
•Sylvan Learning – Educate.com
•The History Channel – History.com
•The Weather Channel – Weather.com
•The Wedding Channel – Weddings.com
•Travelocity – Vacations.com
•U-Haul – Trailer.com
•Woodway – Treadmills.com
•1-800-Wheelchair – Wheelchair.com

Global success of a certain brand or product requires global presence.

And Global Presence starts with a premium descriptive domain name.

Start searching the perfect domain name for your business, products, or brand in the Dot World Brands market place.

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