HSail.com is For Sale – Why it’s Worth to Acquire HSail.com Domain Name

Best Use and Business Value In Acquiring HSail.com

HSail.com – is a 3 years, 9 months, 5 Characters, Premium KeyWord Domain Name.

It is a very strong and solid 5 Letter Domain Name which has a very unique ability to be applied in any business industry. Its 5 Letter Domain Name is universal in nature if use as an acronym of the company, their products or service offerings. (example : Health Savings And Insurance Ltd. = HSAIL.com)

For Systems Developers, HSail.com offers a huge and unlimited potential in today’s world of computing. This domain name can be used and attributed to a “Systems Architecture” that is being widely used in system-on-chip devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

HSail.com is also a very strong KeyWord Domain Name bearing the keyword ” Sail “.

Investors, Entrepreneurs, Corporate companies, and the Sports Enthusiast in the High Profile World of Sail Boat Sailing or Yachting will directly benefit in using this domain name since it already contains the main keyword “sail”.

The opportunity in acquiring HSail.com is so HUGE and LIMITLESS!

In Advertising and Marketing Campaign of your products and services using the Pay-Per-Click bidding on keywords at Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing , you should own this domain name that include the same keyword directly related to your business, and get a very profitable ad campaign.

Related Domain Names For Sale Listed In The Flippa Auction

Domain Name / Selling Price

sailboatlisting.com / $84,000
sailboatsforsale.com / $69,000
sailon.com / $55,000
sailboats.net / $50,000
sevensails.com / $21,000
sailsail.com / $16,000
boatsail.com / $16,000
topsails.net / $14,000
bestsails.com / $14,000

In contrast, the price of HSail.com is very competitive. HSail.com Reserved Price is pretty much LOWER compared to
the price of the related domain names as mentioned. Hence, giving each and every potential buyer of this domain, a fair chance to acquire this domain name.

Quick Statistics

Google Trends Worldwide Interest Overtime from 2004 to 2016 is remarkably stable.

About 49,400,000 search results for the keyword “hsail”
About 135,000,000 search results for the keyword “sail”

Search Volume Average Per Month Per Device for the keyword “hsail”
Total – All Devices 31,480
Total – Desktop Only 18,223
Total – Mobile Only 11,014
Total – Tablet Only 2,243

Search Volume Average Per Month Per Device for the keyword “sail”
Total – All Devices 85,410
Total – Desktop Only 26,660
Total – Mobile Only 49.354
Total – Tablet Only 9.396

Google Adword CPC and Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)

“sail”Ave. Monthly Search 40500 with a CPC of 1.5
“sailing”Ave. Monthly Search 18100 with a CPC of 2.03
“sail on”Ave. Monthly Search 1600
“sail magazine”Ave. Monthly Search 1300 with a CPC of 1.93
“song sail”Ave. Monthly Search 1000
“sailing boat”Ave. Monthly Search 880 with a CPC of 0.29
“sailing magazine”Ave. Monthly Search 880 with a CPC of 2.18
“sail application”Ave. Monthly Search 880 with a CPC of 0.15
“the song sail”Ave. Monthly Search 880
“my sail”Ave. Monthly Search 590
“sail music video”Ave. Monthly Search 590
“sail the song”Ave. Monthly Search 590
“sail world”Ave. Monthly Search 590
“sailing news”Ave. Monthly Search 480 with a CPC of 3.18
“sail video”Ave. Monthly Search 480
“sail.org”Ave. Monthly Search 390 with a CPC of 2.95
“sail program”Ave. Monthly Search 320
“fullsailuniversity”Ave. Monthly Search 260 with a CPC of 0.52
“sailing magazines”Ave. Monthly Search 210 with a CPC of 2.06
“what is the song sail about”Ave. Monthly Search 210
“sailboat for sail”Ave. Monthly Search 170 with a CPC of 1.34
“sailing world magazine”Ave. Monthly Search 170 with a CPC of 0.97
“us sailing association”Ave. Monthly Search 170 with a CPC of 1.94
“sailboat sail”Ave. Monthly Search 110 with a CPC of 1.74

Domain Sale Terms and Conditions

– Only domain name of HSail.com is included in this offer to sell. Logo, website, hosting services, and social media
handles are NOT included.

– Payment must be made via Paypal or Escrow within 48 hours after the Sale is closed and the highest offer is accepted
and declared,

– FREE Transfer of domain name can ONLY be pushed to a GoDaddy account. – Buyer should have a GoDaddy account
to facilitate fast and easy push/transfer of  HSail.com domain name.

– For transfer to other registrar, an AUTHORITY CODE will be provided, however, the cost of transfer shall be for the
account of the buyer.

Post Domain Sale Process

Once the payment is confirmed, immediate transfer of HSail.com domain name to the buyer’s GoDaddy account, or to his/her preferred registrar is hereby guaranteed.

How To Submit Your Offer To Buy HSail.com

Please follow this link and fill up the form with your offer to buy this domain name.

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