– The Business Value and Benefits In Buying

Business Value and Benefits In Buying Domain Name


For brand protection purposes, website owners of,,, and other TLDs, must acquire version of this domain name to lock-in its business value and benefits.

  • is the strongest domain name among its peers (i.e.,
    and other extensions).
  • This domain name as been existing on the internet since July 22, 2003 making it visible on the net for already 13 years, as of this date of posting this article.
  • Google Page Rank 5/10 which is  an exceptional advantage for Search Engine Optimization purposes, making it more authoritative in any search engine platforms.
  • has a consistent history of internet relevance and interest overtime in Google Trends since 2004 – 2016.
  • has no trademark issues.


The demand for well-structured 5-letter domains is GROWING. is a FIVE (5) LETTER Domain Name., being a 5 letters domain name that starts with an “a” followed by letter “q” and ending
in triple “i” makes it easier to type, and easier to remember because it has fewer potential spelling

It also ends with letter “i” which may means “Inc.” for a corporate identity. Hence, adds up to its
strength and brandability to any media, information, communication, technology, finance, investment
and insurance-related businesses, and IT Freelance Start-Ups and Practitioners. is For Sale. Buy It Now!

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