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What Makes This 777320.Net Numeric Domain Name So Valuable ?

In Western cultures, the number 7 is considered lucky; in China it symbolizes “togetherness.”

What about longer numeric domains, like NNNNNN.net or .com? To Westerners, these domains often seem completely random. But more often than not, the numeric sequences can sound like various expressions in Chinese language, such as 09666 – which is expressed similar to the saying “You are lucky forever.” This is why 777320.Net domain name can be extremely valuable to Chinese investors, since it simply means “infinite togetherness”, be it in a relationship or in business partnership.

No. 7 in Chinese Culture

In the traditional Chinese culture, Seven (7) represents the combination of Yin, Yang and Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth). This combination is considered as “harmony” in the ideology of Confucianism. While in Chinese Taoism, it stands for Tao which has a close connection with kindness and beauty.

7 was widely used in ancient Chinese culture, for example the Seven Treasures for Buddhist Scripture refer to gold, silver, colored glaze, coral, amber, seashell, and agate.

Another example is the Double Seventh Festival when the Milky Way Lovers (the Cowherd and the Weaving Maid) can have their annual meeting only on July 7th. As a Chinese legend goes, when the Jade Emperor in Heaven learnt that his beloved daughter, Weaving Maid, had married a poor cowherd and lived a happy life, he created the Milky Way to separate the lovers. After that, only on the seventh day of the seven month each year, the Cowherd and the Weaving Maid got a chance to meet on the Magpies Bridge which was formed over the Milky Way by a large number of magpies. Therefore, July 7th is regarded as the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

source : travelchinaguide 

The Business Value of 777320.net

Scarcity of Supply to Meet the Demands of this Rare Numeric Domain Name

777320.com is already taken and no longer available.

777320.net is also taken but available for sale right now.

Patterns are valuable

If two repeated numbers are valuable, three or more repeated numbers are considered very valuable as well, like 777, coupled with Zero (0) at the end which is a very good number combination with sequenced numbers (3) and (2) in between.

As an example: 100.com was sold for $950,000 in a private transaction. Why is this? Simple: numbers ending with 0 are easy to remember and desirable for brands, hence very valuable.


Any numeric that is NOT a .com, .net, .cc and .cn. Chinese investors are not fond of any other extensions except for the ones above, and they even don’t love the .org (which many people consider valuable in the Western Hemisphere).

source : ggrg.com

Quick Statistics :

Estibot Valuation – $ 4,200.00 USD
Selling Price of this Domain Name in Afternic – $ 10,000.00 USD

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Terms and Conditions

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– Buyer should have a GoDaddy account to facilitate fast and easy push/transfer of these domain names.

– If you don’t have a GoDaddy account, you can set up a free account in GoDaddy, since GoDaddy customer ID and
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