For business owners, having a domain name is extremely important as they play a vital role in building your brand, and growing your business. In today’s day and age where technology is amass and grows continuously, a domain name and […]

6 Things You Must Do When Choosing the Right Domain ...

Best Use and Business Value In Acquiring – is a 3 years, 9 months, 5 Characters, Premium KeyWord Domain Name. It is a very strong and solid 5 Letter Domain Name which has a very unique ability to be […] is For Sale – Why it’s Worth to Acquire ...

Business Value and Benefits In Buying Domain Name DOMAIN AUTHORITY AND BRAND PROTECTION For brand protection purposes, website owners of,,, and other TLDs, must acquire version of this domain name to lock-in its business value […] – The Business Value and Benefits In Buying

What Makes This 777320.Net Numeric Domain Name So Valuable ? In Western cultures, the number 7 is considered lucky; in China it symbolizes “togetherness.” What about longer numeric domains, like or .com? To Westerners, these domains often seem completely […] Is For Sale. Buy It Now – Make An ...

Almost everyone nowadays have probably heard of the phrase ‘domain name’. They are likely to be digital and online marketers who deal with online strategies, or tech-savvy consumers who interact with global brands every day. However, it doesn’t come as […]

The Role of Domain Names to Brand Management

.Com domain names still dominate the market in the domain name industry during the whole year of 2015. On top of the list with an $8M mark are and which were sold at $8,888,888 and $8,000,000, respectively. Followed by […]

Top 100 Domain Sales in 2015

Domain names are Virtual Assets equivalent to Real Estate Property in the physical world. Just like in a real estate, lands situated in a prime commercial or high-end residential locations which commands a great deal of price valuation, Premium Descriptive Domain Names also valued […]

Domain Names All Time High Recorded Sales Report

Today’s technology makes everyone almost wired and virtually educated. At present, majority of the population – consumers in particular, has the ability to access almost everything thru the massive usage of the internet. Hence, shifting the name of the game as far as […]

Leveraging The Internet For Brand Global Presence